Sunday, January 31, 2010

da-da-da DAN Deacon!

SO first assignment of Illustration 2 with Malloy is to illustrate the apparently infamous Dan Deacon, a wacky musician from Baltimore. Needless to say I decided, why not go wackier!? Let plug some wires into the guy! ink and water colors.

The Old Cow

A continuation of my skull people, I present the Old Cow, a biddie that will retire to the beach in her string bikini regardless of how old, saggy and leathery she gets.

And next we have!

This is a wood burning of the characters that my sketches tend to revolve around, my post-apocalyptic lovelies are wearing the skull of the animal that best represents their personalities and actions. In this piece the Wolf is currently howling to his Sheep (the flock sums up the one character) curled into the fetal position and tuning out his demanding voice.

Probably about time I have a new post...

So I'm gonna start off the rush of posts with a hand lettering assignment I had last semester in Illustration 1, all of these are ink and water color, and the Bearcats is me showing my love for Courtney, who is currently off adventuring in London!