Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here is my collaboration piece with the infamous and fabulous Mr. Yao Li (look at his work, its amazing, and heres a link! SO Yao and I decided to make a mock up mural for the Station North district of Baltimore. The piece itself is Ink and Digital, along with digital compositions of the actual piece on the proposed buildings! Since illustration is often just a single artist working on their own it was a pretty great experience to work with Yao on this project.
And if I say so myself I think it's one of my favorite pieces yet!

Erotica! Ohlala!

This is an update from last semesters Erotic Drawing class. These are just a few of the pieces I worked on but they are also my favorites!

HotDog (self portrait with a hotdog), Ink

Valentina&Tigerlily, Ballpoint Pen

Stigmata, Ink and Gouache

St. Martha Slays the Dragon, Ink

The Red Garden

So this is a redo of the book cover for The Red Garden, by Alice Hoffman. This assignment was a bit of a switch up as I had to take another student's sketch and make a final of it, very bizarre. Luckily the student and I were able to come to an understanding and I think the final came out pretty well!
Lino print with Embroidered lettering.


k. new mid year resolution. I'm gonna get better at this.
really, this time, really.

This post is part of a travel poster for Seoul South Korea, it's of a Korean dragon swimming through lanterns as my way of promoting the Lantern Festival in South Korea.
Ink linework with a digital finish!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Art Market!

Here's a shot of 'em all together!

Art Market!

So these are the individual cards that I made for this years Art Market! There are 5 cards per pack, each with a creature on it; a star-nosed mole, a spiny caterpillar, a spider crab, a rhinoceros beetle and an armadillo. There are also 5 colors per pack; gold, red, turquoise, violet and dark yellow (the colors were a bit distorted in the upload). Each one is a linocut and was hand pressed! there are 10 sets available at the Illustration table :) Get um while they're hot!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Here's my latest piece from Concepts- it's an album cover for Coconut Records first album Nighttiming. It was also an experiment in the technique of digital over graphite.