Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch up!

So let's play catch up! This would be some images from last year. I figured these kinda covered all my basics, there's oil paints, collage, pastel/charcoal, plaster, spoons (yes spoons.), a little here, a little there. Anyhow, thought this would give an overview of where I was before I get to where I'm going. 
The big face with pink sunglasses is a 4x5 oil painting that was done ala` Alex Katz, not my style but i did manage to do it in a grand total of 5 hours (something a speed painter like him could maybe appreciate?).  Next the plaster body is just that, a plaster casting that I did of myself to represent a girl falling a part (made of plaster and rope, cast from me by me and then filled in with plaster). Then the green circle is charcoal and pencil, based on the myth the Mad Man's Whisp (that the men who ate this plant were said to go mad). And the spoons! Its hundreds of spoons glued together to emphasize the impact of space (the only place you can reach through is the center circle). Finally the paper collage of my (now dead) bamboo plant.
Caught up enough?

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