Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"I said please don't slow me down
If I'm going too fast
You're in a strange part of our town...

Yeah, the night's not over
You're not trying hard enough,
Our lives are changing lanes
You ran me off the road,
The wait is over
I'm now taking over,
You're no longer laughing
I'm not drowning fast enough."
Another narrative project, this wasn't the final front and back that I turned in, but I did like these more. Anyhow it was to make a 45 cover for a song using the front and back to illustrate what happens in the song, and I just had to go for Reptilia by the Strokes- a song pretty much about a guy and girl and the guy wants the girl to to be as out of control and exciting as him, and if she can't keep up then she's just holding him back. A fantastically upbeat song about spiraling out of control for the hell of it.

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  1. i love this, i love you and i love juilan. i want a copy.